Kuja Kuja

Kuja Kuja is a platform that is revolutionizing the delivery of humanitarian aid. Kuja Kuja asks people living in refugee settlements what they really want from services such as healthcare and sanitation, flipping the status quo of top-down funding on its head. Kuja Kuja connects these ideas to service providers, who can then make rapid improvements as well as plan for the future. But Kuja Kuja is more than a business intelligence tool for organizations; it is also a movement that employs people living in refugee settlements. With Kuja Kuja in place, millions of displaced people around the world can exercise their agency and shape the future of their communities.

Jennifer’s work began with the design of the Kuja Kuja brand and rapidly expanded to shaping each component of the fast-growing venture, from innovations in the user experience to employee training and development. She led the design and implementation of Kuja Kuja, which has received recognition from Fast Company Feature and Core77.